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The Killers 2014 - 2015 Tour Dates

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*If no event dates are listed above, then The Killers are presently not on tour.

The Killers concerts

the killers tourThe Killers Announce New 2014 Tour To Keep Promoting New Album & New Music  :
The Killers, who did have a small tour last year, have announced multiple tour dates so far for 2014. It's been about a year, two solo albums and a new Killers album since their last big tour and we're hoping they add more concert dates to their 2014 tour schedule and possibly add some 2015 dates as well.

The four bandmates have been a part for almost 5 years, except for last year, with the lead singer and drummer both testing the waters with solo albums. While their records were received positively, neither had the popular gusto of The Killers music as a band. By response of the fans buying concert tickets, it appears as if The Killers are as popular as ever, if not more. Concerts for most of their tour dates sold out immediately and their even playing at the most popular venue in world, Madison Square Garden. If any band or musician can sell out MSG, then that speaks for itself.

Their newest album has received high praises and The Killers promise to integrate songs from it into their 2014 tour schedule. I have a feeling that this set of concerts will help solidify the band's popularity again since their last tour.

8/9 @ The Independent - San Francisco, CA

Keep checking back for updated The Killers tour schedule, concerts and 2014 tour dates.

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The Killers tour
The Killers tour dates

The Killers Release New Album ‘Battle Born’ in Sept 2012 :
the killers tour datesIt has been a while, almost 4 years to be exact. The Killers just announced that they will be releasing their fifth band album called Battle Born and that there will be a The Killers tour in late 2012.

The band hasn’t toured or written music together in just about four years but have just recently gotten back together to cut a record and go on a small tour. The band seems more popular now than ever and their tour is almost guaranteed to sell out. Chatter on the internet from fans backs up the idea that this will be a popular tour to see.

The Killers, the four person band that split up temporarily in 2008 for their front man and drummer to try out solo careers.

Battle Born came out in September 2012 and the The Killers tour dates start up again in 2014.

All Killers tour dates, are listed above...

Don’t miss any of the The Killers concerts or The Killers tour dates that play near you and fit your schedule. More tour dates to be added to the tour schedule as it unfolds. Watch for added The Killers concerts.

The Killers Biography
Known as a Rock band, The Killers have 4 members and are from Las Vegas NV. Band Members are :
Brandon Flowers
Dave Keuning
Mark Stoermer
Ronnie Vannucci Jr

the killers biographyTheir 80's sounding music has been released on 5 albums so far :
2004 - Album 'Hot Fuss'
2006 - Album 'Sams Town'
2007 - Album 'Sawdust'
2008 - Album 'Day & Age'
2012 - Album 'Battle Born'

Their music is really known as indierock and by selling almost 20 million albums worldwide, I'd have to say that they are quite successful. Two of their albums actually hit #1 spots on the UK music charts. Their music has changed slightly from record to record, sometimes being compared to Duran Duran and sometimes being compared to Bruce Springsteen with some added synth.

After 2008, The Killers took a breather from being a band and both Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci went on a small solo outing (not together, but on their own). Their individual music was considered OK, but no where near the popularity of The Killers music. In 2012 they got back together as a band and The Killers released 'Battle Born' which was released in September to the delight of many fans. Their small 2012 tour will definitely include their previous famous hits along with songs from their newly released album. ...  full The Killers biography

The Killers tour dates

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The Killers live tour

Last Updated: December 10, 2014

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